Cycled is a dungeon crawler set in a world of intersecting realities with two-hero combos and ever-changing challenges. Your goal is to unite the fractured world starting with two characters you control.


Intersecting realities
Every 10 second a wave rushes through the world changing everything on its way into the scenery from another dimension. It affects living beings too, driving them insane. Reach the Epicenter and put an end to all this madness.
Diverse combos
4 characters offer unique playstyles with different skill sets each time. Improvise unique hero combos and find unexpected synergies in your party of two. Chain spells together as the wave keeps swapping your active character to defeat enemies. Unlock new abilities and get to know heroes through post-battle dialogues. But beware: enemies have gone through team-building exercises as well.
Unparalleled variety
Combinations of four worlds with unique environments and many types of enemies, procedurally generated dungeons, impactful choices, level up system based on team composition - all of it makes each run not like the other. And did I mention over 16 alternative boss fights?



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